Move Safely Blue Ridge is the region’s plan to reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries for all road users through the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) program.

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Solutions will be integrated across four Es of roadway safety.


Designing safer facilities for all users


Building a culture of traffic safety


Reinforcing safe travel behaviors

Emergency Response

Saving lives through rapid response


Step 1

Identity Issues
and Opportunities
Winter 2024/
Spring 2024

Step 2

Establish Priorities
Summer 2024/
Fall 2024

Step 3

Develop Strategies
Winter 2024

Step 4

Plan Development
and Review
Spring 2025

Number of Fatalities, 2018–2022

18 Pedestrians

17 Motorcyclists

2 Bicyclists

157 Vehicle Occupants

Key Influencers of Roadway Fatalities, 2018–2022

fatalities involved a person not wearing a seat belt
fatalities involved a vehicle running off the roadway
fatalities involved an impaired driver (drunk, distracted, drowsy, or drugged)
fatalities involved a speeding vehicle

Move Safely Blue Ridge is about providing safe travel for all users throughout the region, regardless of how they move or where they live. 

What Can You Do?

  • Slow down. Higher speeds lead to more severe injuries for drivers, passengers, and other road users during a crash.

  • Stay alert. Be aware of other road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists; adjust your driving during severe weather or other events.

  • Spread the word. Tell your family, friends, and colleagues about the planning process.

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